HR Advance Services

Information, Communications & Technology


On trend. On time. On demand. This is what our global IT industry necessitates from their internet technologists and communication experts. With the IT diligence growing exponentially in South Africa, our service offering demands a fully-fledged online infrastructure that aligns to market expectation. At HR Advance, we pride ourselves with our expert knowledge of online search methodologies. This gives us the competitive edge.


With our far-reaching capacity to understand the world of Information Technology and our ability to strategically tap into social media platforms, we remain seasoned enough to deliver results - and young enough to connect with a market that changes its shape frequently. We have a dedicated team of ICT talent engineers that serve this unique sector, with the dexterity, accuracy and attention it has come to command.

Executive Logistics & Supply Chain

Distribution. Transportation. Communication.
In a growing market that institutes high-level candidates that are skillfully versed from process to management, it becomes an industry prerequisite that only the best in the market will do. HR Advance identifies top levels of competency to fulfill these high priority positions. We dedicate our expertise to placing key performers within the full supply chain and logistics vocation.

Property, Construction & Real Estate

Rent it. Manage it. Manufacture it.
Our Property and Manufacturing portfolio extends across a wide scope of disciplines. Despite the changing landscapes of both property and manufacturing sectors in South Africa, these remain key contributors to the running of South Africas economic engine. With an increased shortage of mid to high level skills in the commercial, retail and residential property sector, a greater demand from industry is placed on talent acquisition; to secure the dedicated career seeker, with the right expertise in the face of an unpredictable economic climate.

Accounting, Banking & Finance

Retail Banking. Corporate Banking. Investment Banking.
HR Advance is your calculated alliance to closing the gap on strategic, financial and managerial staffing solutions. With market confidence improving across the banking and financial sector, permanent placements are growing steadily. There is an increased demand for both newly qualified candidates and practiced experts at management level. While employers are focusing on acquiring the precise levels of expertise, our search for passive and active career seekers remains steadfast in this sector, ensuring a meticulous skills-to-career match for our clients.

Mining & Engineering

Manage it. Mine it. Engineer it.
HR Advance offers the complete acquisition and recruitment solution to the mining and construction sector. Our consultants are technically and commercially trained in assessing only the finest of executive and operational professionals with high level qualifications that remain niche to industry.  With the undisputed skills shortage amongst South Africa’s engineering sector, HR Advance implements targeted and accurate efforts to best fulfill these roles.