Executive Search


The role of the proverbial “headhunter” is to hunt for talent that meets the high-end demand of industry requirements. At HR Advance we approach executive search with the utmost professionalism, staying loyal to our clients’ objectives whilst adhering to industry ethics. Our aim is to achieve confidential and strategic talent selection that aligns with best business practice.

We prioritise your search motives with our promise of confidentiality, whilst fulfilling an accurate research technique on the talent your establishment requires. Our talent engineers are trained to “hunt” with discretion, and place with pride.

Our qualitative over quantitative ethos to sourcing, has proven successful amongst our larger enterprise groups that require the utmost confidentiality and uncompromising selection process.

We offer a no-nonsense screening and assessment process throughout all shortlisted searches, thereby eliminating time wastage on urgent placements. At HR Advance we take pride in our ability to select with insight and present with conviction. We believe in forging relationships with our candidates and our clients, long after the hand shake is done.