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With an increasing industry demand for high caliber candidates to deliver on-point throughout the application and preliminary process, competition among career seekers has strengthened dramatically.

As a specialist recruitment consultancy, HR Advance recognises the need for improved profiling, assessment and interview skills training, for both career seeker and corporate institute. Through a series of custom-designed career counselling and employee guidance workshops, our training services deliver the traction required to raise the bar on the preliminary and closing performance.

Company Training

The interview process can often be as daunting for the employer as it is for the candidate. As talent engineers, we appreciate the pressure that comes with having to employ the right people whilst adhering to correct application and selection criteria.

At HR Advance we offer a host of training solutions that better equip our clients for the accurate assessment of candidates, throughout the interview process. Emphasis is placed on upskilling company Line Managers and/or HR Teams with the right interview skills for maximised success on appointment.

Retrenchment Assist: HOPE Workshop

The process of retrenchment is an unfortunate and imminently daunting one for all concerned. It is important that such a delicate situation be treated with meticulous strategy and emotional consideration for the employees that are required to exit, as well as those that are requested to remain.
HR Advance offers tailor made solutions for you and your affected team members, to better equip your staff on the new way forward.

The HOPE Workshop includes:

  • Morale Boosting Session
  • Career Counselling
  • JOB Search Workshop
  • CV Preparation

Interview Success for Line Managers Workshop

The success of your business relies heavily on the success of your people. Employing the right people, at the right levels within your company, becomes an important aspect of business growth and therefore demands more from the application process than just the proverbial “gut feel”.

HR Advance will align with your organisation to design a workshop specific to your needs in order to ensure that your interview process remains streamlined and professional.

This workshop includes:

  • Basic Interview Etiquette and Body Language.
  • Interview Diplomacy
  • Design of Interview Questions in line with LRA & BCEA standards (Situational, Fact and Technical).
  • Q&A Assessments and Guidance – how to probe for more information
  • Co-branded training manuals for each user with certificates of attendance.
  • Case Studies and Role Plays per workshop

Disability Sensitisation Workshop

Disability in the workplace is a topical concern, and needs to be dealt with in a manner of utmost sensitivity and respect amongst leaders and staff.
Our Disability Sensitisation Workshop is designed with this in mind, to create awareness around acceptable staff conduct when working with persons with disabilities.

This Workshop includes:

  • Disability Type Education – includes Hearing, Visual, Mute and Physical impairment.
  • Working with the challenges of various disabilities
  • Social and professional workplace etiquette when working with persons with disabilities.
  • Co-branded training manuals for each user with certificates of attendance.
  • Case Studies and Role Plays per workshop.

Individual Training

Career Seeking is an exciting journey for aspiring individuals that wish to gain momentum in their career path. The process of career seeking, however, has grown over the years to command higher expectation with intricate application criteria. At HR Advance, we offer the right tools to assist our talented candidates along their application path, instilling a keen sense of assurance and confidence that delivers results.

Career Guidance and Counselling

HR Advance offers one-on-one coaching sessions to guide potential candidates on the how-to’s and where to’s of mapping out the career of their dreams.

This training includes:

  • One-on-one coaching sessions
  • Career mapping and historical reference
  • Goal orientation
  • Tailor-made career design

Social Media Career Guidance and Establishment

In today’s fast paced, talent seeking environment, most companies turn to social media as a reliable source of profile information. Establishing a professional and sellable Social Media Profile is becoming a necessary requirement amongst job seekers. As a highly progressive recruitment consultancy, HR Advance will assist our candidates with creating a cutting edge social media presence that draws the right attention.

This training includes:

  • Face Book Profiling
  • Linked-in Profiling
  • Assistance with short, concise info writing that is fit for online purpose
  • Online Etiquette
  • Correct Profile Placement

CV Preparation and Creation

Every candidate holds the potential to make a powerful first impression from their CV submission. We are able to create and prepare your CV to its highest standard, according to market expectation.

This includes:

  • CV Counselling
  • CV Editing and Re-Engineering
  • CV Creation & Design

Interview Preparation Workshops:

Preparing for your interview is a vital step in the application process. HR Advance provides industry specific, interview preparation workshops that speak up interview etiquette and employer expectation.

This workshop includes: 

  • Confidence tools: overcoming the interview “jitters” and standing out from your competition
  • Intense Q&A Preparation: preparing your answers to Situational, Technical,  Personal and trick questions.
  • Body Language: learning to read the signs and use your body language effectively
  • Dress Code
  • Interview Etiquette

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